Designer Barrels

Designer barrels are designed for individuals and businesses to display a celebration of the unique memorabilia or branding for any occasion.

Here at Melbourne Wine Barrels & Iron Products we offer images, wording and wood burning in any design to suit your decor. We have a wide range selection to suit what best fits with you and your personality. We offer football imaging, military design and any custom design you would like, the choice is yours whether you would like wood burning, imaging decal or paint.

The designs are about the WOW factor that suits your personality and to stand out in any home, office or bar.  We also offer corporate marketing & branding.

Hourly rate for wood burning is $40.00 p/h inclusive of what you have purchased.

Hourly rate for imaging is $80.00 p/h inclusive of what you have purchased.

Did you know?

We can add extra features for your barrel such as;

  • Wheels – to move your barrel around easier
  • Brass Taps – to pour liquid out of your barrel
  • Bottle Openers – to make it easier than finding a bottle opener in your home

We have bungs and corks available for any size barrel. Iron and chains for any theme.

Customisation Examples

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