Wine Barrels made in Melbourne

We love to please with quality and design

Custom designed wine and whisky barrels are our specialty. It all started from a passion for the love of wine barrels & vintage iron products working out of our workshop on the Mornington Peninsula. Melbourne Wine Barrels and Iron Products was created by a family connected to wine and producing wine in a can.

Really, who doesn’t love the barrel look & feel?

Here at Melbourne Wine Barrels & Iron Products we prefer quality over quantity. We strive to achieve the best quality looking wine barrels for our customers. As a Mother & Son business we work together in restoring the barrels to their best condition and customising upon request to our clients’ desires. Our barrels are treated with love & care with being oiled and varnished for the barrels longevity.

Our passion is barrels

Barrels that shine in the grain, makes for the ultimate furniture piece that compliments your home, bar or outdoor area. With wood burning logo’s for any occasion or any design that is customised to your needs.

We take pride in your barrel order with safety and standards. We deliver to your front door – Don’t worry!! It does not have to be bulk orders. Singular orders are welcomed.

We source quality and quality is our number one focus… From ½ cut to whole barrels, American to French Barrels. All our barrels have straight heads and hoops that are in line and all our barrels come with a bung to make your barrel airtight.

All our barrels are charred naturally, as barrels should be. There are no imitations here at Melbourne Wine Barrels.


We have it all here at Melbourne Wine Barrels. From Tractor Stools, Windmills, Fire pits, Chains, Old Signs & tools for the motor enthusiast.

BLACK HOOP BANDS …. Yes we specialise in Black Hoop Bands

DESIGNER LOGO BARRELS …. Yes we can wood burn your chosen logo

FOOTBALL & MEMORABILIA LOGO’S … Yes we do this as well

MANCAVE YOUR BAR … Yes we can fit out your man-cave with tools, iron & barrels to your needs.


Melbourne Wine Barrels & Iron Products
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